Sunday, April 01, 2007

I want a genetic transfer please!

Warm contented feeling.

It must be spring.

Doctor Who must be back.

Now with added ruffle.


And can I just say, I just LOVE YouTube!

Overall, last night's episode was just what I could have hoped for. The rain went up; the baddies got fried; humans were ridiculously hysterical; the moon/earth looked fabulous; there was blood-sucking; there was scanning; and there was the expected - but brilliant - voicing (and mouthing) of the classic line "but it's bigger on the inside". Martha was suitably demanded to stand her ground and run a lot as well; she was also neatly prepared to josh against the Doctor whilst also accepting what she observed. We couldn't hope - nor would many of us want - to forget Rose, but Martha makes for a potentially cracking companion.

I hope sweet FA realises what she has just woken up to today.

Life is going to be VERY different.

Update: there's a nice review at Dreamwatch SciFi, but you'll mostly want to know that Anna is won over...


Rosby said...

Well, I liked it lots.

I even posted about it (believe it or not).

Of *course* I'm not commenting to plug that little fact...

Marie said...

Mine's in too. (Neither am I).

Welcome back Ros!

JoeinVegas said...

Oh, well, and we have two years before he makes it over here. No fair, you were only a few weeks behind on Buffy.