Wednesday, April 04, 2007

George and his Munros

Ah, bless. A nice thing about new blogger adding tags and such is that you get reminders of old posts. They come up all fresh, like new laundry.

So, if you haven't already been and you want to know where it all started for George and his munro climbing obsession keen interest, then check out G's first munro.

And then take some very entertaining trips along with him to several of his other early climbs.

As you would expect, there's the usual entertaining prose, and some early photography (even if it is sometimes misty, as here!).

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George said...

Cheers lass, I had been meaning for a while to go through my archives and tag everything for a while now, the primary reason being so that I can come up with my lovely 'search by region' sidebar menu (I might even go for a 'by hill' menu at some point). However, an interesting side effect of this updating is that all these old blogs turn up as if new on bloglines, thus resulting in me getting some unexpected but welcomed comments for some very old posts!!