Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sea of Souls: or how TV is making me a very happy woman

New year: so far we have had:

  • Primeval (swoon - come back soon Cutter!)

  • the return of Life on Mars (last one tonight! Argh! I need 'resolution' of a sort!)

  • the return of NCIS and Law and Order: Criminal Intent (hilariously, Five is best loved in our home for its quality US imports - what did they drop when they celebrated being 10 a couple of weeks ago? Yep, the Friday night dose of what makes the channel good)

  • the return of House (it may be cliche, but it's a well done cliche. What can I say? I like smart, flawed characters)

  • and of course just to avoid me getting Paisley Boy withdrawal symptoms, the lovely, lovely, lovely Doctor Who came back.

And now, as if things weren't lovely enough already, next week I get another dose of Dougie! Sea of Souls takes up the post-Life on Mars slot with a two-parter featuring lovely Mr Henshall. Someone is clearing making these schedules for me.

Warm feelings of happiness. Hee.


Anonymous said...

I really didn't realise how much House was riffing off Sherlock Holmes until this series. Duh!

Anna Lowman (annawaits) said...

I've only watched the last two episodes of Life on Mars (don't know how that happened... glitch in the matrix) but even I'm obsessed with how it will end!!

Sarah said...

Aaaah - apart from Primeval (which has passed me by, i'm afraid) - we'll be sitting in our respective parts of Notts watching the same shows this week, Lisa!

I may be speaking out of turn here (as you could well have mentioned in previous posts...but I'm a relative newcomer so forgive me) - but are you aware of 'Heroes'?

ooooo - it's good!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Howdy Sarah: yes, I am aware of heroes but I have a slightly problematic situation. It's called my street does not have FREEVIEW! Also, as much as I love the idea of Heroes, I'm just not up for shelling out on digital TV again. Maybe IF my contract at work gets extended and I have some more permanent income I may be tempted but otherwise I'm a DVD freak. Roll on the DVD release!!!

Sarah said...

aaaah. Sorry. Shouldn't have opened my gob, should I? Mind you - I'm a bit confused about the scheduling on the sci-fi channel and appear to have missed two episodes despite taping it every week...

No idea when the DVD release is planned - but i have heard a rumour (on Wikipedia I think - so treat it as you will)that it will turn up on terrestrial tv (beeb2?)in the summer.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Not your fault Sarah; me and Freeview have a long and troubled history. Last time we tried it was pixel-fixed hell with the sound continuing, a nice border of moving pixels/picture around the edge of the screen and the remaining 80-90% of the TV screen dominated by a single fixed pixel image. Very helpful. Turns out that for some strange reason our street has serious Freeview issues. We're considering getting a new aerial to see if that helps (though it hasn't worked for anyone else: they've all given up and gotten either VirginHell TV* or Sky). Am reluctant to go with more VirginHell services, so I need to be very sure of my money before committing to Sky as we don't have a BT phone line...

So a Beeb2 screening for Heroes would make me very happy indeed.

*NTHell rolled off the tongue so much better

Anonymous said...

House absolutely rocks (you can find transcripts of it here btw: http://www.tvtdb.com/house) - never was too keen on NCIS though... :p