Monday, December 19, 2005

I'm self-memeing the "Seven things"

I've read a few, including Bloggers4Labour, so thought I would try this out...

Seven things to do before I die
1) learn a foreign language sufficiently well to read and converse with native speakers (not just school level "la sange dans l'arbre")
2) clear my clutter and get organised
3) keep a plant alive for more than 12 months by intention and not accident
4) get something published and read by more than two people
5) see either the Northern or Southern lights
6) ride a horse
7) make a difference to the world

Seven things I cannot do
1) ride a bike
2) be bothered wearing make-up on a daily basis
3) stop being loud on a regular basis
4) get out of bed as early as I should do
5) be properly awake within the hour after I have got out of bed
6) not try and help people however inadequate my assistance may be (I just have to try)
7) not take responsibility, even when things aren't my fault

Seven things that attract me to my spouse significant other
1) his intellect
2) his taste in music
3) his politics and ideological belief
4) his eyes
5) his interest in books and reading
6) his sense of humour
7) his love of me despite all my faults

Seven things I say most often
1) a swear word (take your pick - I could fill all seven slots this way: my ability to swear prodigously in a manner not unlike that of Hugh Grant in the out-takes for Two Weeks Notice* is nigh legendary. NB inanimate objects are the most common recipiants of my ire)
2) sorry
3) it's important to break tasks down (NB I think that may be work related)
4) woah mama!
5) cuppa tea please
6) just checking my mail
7) majorly random (recent addition to vocabulary, but regularly in use: am sure that's some "slayer slang" I've been inspired to...)

Seven books I can regularly re-read
1) Stone Junction - Dodge
2) House of Leaves - Danielewski
3) The Collected Dorothy Parker
4) His Dark Materials - Pullman
5) Maiden Speech - Eleanor Brown
6) Sonnets to the Portuguese - Elizabeth Barrett Browning
7) Ways of Seeing - Berger

Regulars may spot an item listed here and here does not appear: I'm taking that one to be like Desert Island Discs. Besides, my version needs muscles to lift it off the shelf.

Seven movies I watch over and over again
1) Twelve Monkeys
2) True Romance
3) This Year's Love
4) Fight Club
5) Defence of the Realm (watched this weekend in fact: damn fine film)
6) Marathon Man
7) Casablanca

That's a very selective list based on my recall for this moment: I could change my mind again soon.

Seven people I want to join in
Look, folks, I get it: you're probably sick of memes. Tag yourself if you want to...!

* this extract from a DVD review of the film's extras should help:
Two Bleeps Notice is the best. Several attempts at scenes, that go wrong, followed by a lot of swearing. Hugh Grant has a favourite word that is very obvious here. It is a good word and I think it will now make a reappearance in my vocabulary after seeing this featurette. I am unconvinced how this language is allowed in a film with a certificate of 12A so I would not be surprised at all if the BBFC suddenly reclassify this. Funniest two and a half minutes of the DVD.

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