Saturday, December 03, 2005


OOOOOHHH! How exciting has Bleak House been this week. Weepy old me, I've shed buckets at this soapy drama and cheered heartily at Alan Rickman... sorry, Charles Dance*, getting the comeuppance that his satanic Tulkinghorn deserves.

Wonderful stuff.

*This remark alludes to the fact that when Dance opened the script for "Last Action Hero", at least the first reference to his character in the script was 'Alan Rickman opens the door'. I actually believe that Cloud and me are the only people who actually liked that film and have watched it with pleasure on many occasions.

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Rob said...

Yes, the Saunders family all cheered when Tulkinghorn was offed as well. very Dallas. Actually, with the "Oh, it's you...." line it's even more "Maltese Falcon".

If we hadn't just bought the DVDs of " I, Claudius" I don't know what we'd do when "Bleak House" ended.