Friday, December 02, 2005

Radio playback

OOOHHH! I did enjoy listening to Mark Kermode's film review slot from Radio 5 Live last night. I used to love listening to that when I was a student and could laze my days away - I mean, multitask with writing / researching and listening to the radio.

Anyway, it was nice to know I can finally keep back up with his cranky wit. He sometimes annoys me, but often amuses so it is worth listening to.

Oh yeah, and Joe, I'll try and be a bit calmer today on the posting front... !!!

(you should see how much I've been yaddering on the David Tennant forum board: and before anyone suggests my heart has become fickle, trust me - if there was one for Douglas Henshall, I'd be queening it right now....Besides, I know too many of the smaller group of devotees who admire Dougie to ever feel comfy with yaddering more than I do here on the blog...)


JoeinVegas said...

No - No - No - please don't stop posting. I was more complaining about how often I get to come back, and just making excuses for not commenting on every post.

Anonymous said...

I promise not to go back on everything you've ever posted about Dougie Henshall and make a comment (I would be here till well over Christmas!), but here is another. I have tried, tried and tried to get that DH group going, but I can't get a good flow of conversation no matter how I try.
A few weeks ago I joined the David Tennant board of which you speak just to get the feel of it. I only joined fo a couple of weeks as I'm not a fan (can understand why people are though)and liked some of the stuff I read. I know David is very active at the moment and that's why the board is so popular, indeed our board was good in the summer when Dougie was in the theatre and on TV. I wish a different member would start a new topic of conversation but on the whole Henshall fans are very reserved. They are not so reserved on a one to one basis though!