Wednesday, December 07, 2005

241; or, how stupid can I be?

Six degrees between us when me and my friend went to the pictures tonight (to see Flightplan but more on that later).

Stood in the queue thinking how busy the cinema is, my friend suddenly recalled it was Wednesday: Orange Wednesdays! Of course... pity neither of us has Orange.

Erm, I do... but surely we're too late?

No, we could text now...

What's the number?

Puzzling.... hmmm... damn, we've seen the annoying ads a ton of times. Ohh...

Friend suggests, maybe it has an 8 in it...?

Oh well, let's just pay. (Cloud said later "why didn't you ask at the ticket desk?": because that would have meant us being smart..)

Get into the screening: first ad, of course, if for Orange Wednesdays.

And the number?

241 - Two for One: gettit...

The shame kept us laughing all the way through the evening.

Good job: the film was, as Mark Kermode said, pants. Like, it starts off quite spooky and edgy, and in the end, as he said, you just end up saying "oh, so THAT'S where it's going"... disappointed. Mind, the actress playing the stewardess whose botoxed face meant that she couldn't emote if she was paid a million dollars was weirdly disturbing to watch for 90 mins....


Frank Partisan said...

I found this blog surfing.

Jodie Foster is always good. I remember her a little girl on the TV show "Kung Fu" with David Carradine.

Now that you saw Flightplan, go see "Red Eye."

bot37363838 said...

Re the botoxed waitress, I feel the same way about that Natasha Kaplinsky (sp?). Watching the news when she's reading it freaks me out. She looks like a right mouth breather.

Reidski said...

lisa: "those annoying ads" are the best thing about cinema trailers.

renegade eye: Jodie Foster in Kung Fu??? U sure, cos I don't remember her making an appearance, but, of course - and this is a long shot - I could be wrong.

rob: what the f*** are you talking about - Tashy (cos that's what I call her when we're sharing a drink or two of an evening) is the sexiest person alive, so go and wash your mouth out!

Anonymous said...

I agree with 'renegade', "Red Eye" was a corker! Absolute tosh but the editing was so slick it never gave you a chance to think about it.

Pity about "Flightplan". I saw the trailer months ago and I was really looking forward to seeing it and spending another early afternoon in the cinema with all the other pensioners where the only sound you can here during the quiet bits is the sucking of false teeth - at least, I hope it is.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Don't get me wrong, Flightplan wasn't terrible - just disappointing. Renegade eye: "Red Eye" is on my to-watch list as I missed its brief showing at the flicks. Its a genre film that knows it is, so of course it will work better. And CM is a real rising star of creepy proportions!

Rob: by comparison to the stewardess NK is a model of natural beauty (though I wouldn't go as far as Reidski: all us to our tastes though: no scrapping!)

Reidksi: yes the orange ads may be annoying but you are right to say they are the best thing about the pre-film ad section.

Duffman:... oh is it worth responding? the trailer for Flightplan suggests worth; Foster is usually good value for performing; go join the pensioners cinema afternoon. Though kudos for you for watching "Red Eye".