Sunday, December 04, 2005

Library Thing

Thanks to Cloud for directing me to Chris Brooke's Virtual Stoa and seeing his use of Library Thing. Oh MY GOD! This will keep me occupied for hours and I will be so tempted to go for full membership. I mean, 200 out of our collected book habit is barely one full bookcase's worth of the beasts. I've thus changed my "Recommended Books" sidebar to have a widget link to the library. So "Stone Junction" may not always appear, but trust me it's in there.

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Anonymous said...

I suppose I'm missing the point - again - but exactly what use is this library thing? If I want a book I go to Amazon or abbooks. It's nothing to do with showing off how any books you own, is it? I wouldn't be surprised if the 'virtual stoat' is anything to do with it!