Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Presentations and teaching

Oh lordy, Cloud passed this to me just now (sorry, I've been too busy to read the papers on time each day).

Having been made to feel like an idiot before making her own presentation by the manager who had "skipped her MBA 'supportive management' module", she nevertheless managed to get through the ordeal:
As I gratefully settled into my off-stage chair, I suddenly realised that something was very, very wrong. The lights were on, the music was playing, and my boss, who was the speaker after me, should have been about to make her terrible joke about being "more than worth it" - but the audience was deathly silent.

On the stage, where my boss should have been, there was an empty spotlight. And on the floor, having tripped over her own feet and tumbled arse first into the audience, lay my boss, one foot perched in the MD's lap.

As the lights went down, I mused that pride really does come before a fall.

And it brought to mind my own take on presentations: that, despite all the whizzy technology available, it pays to wear flat shoes and be as low-tech as possible. Learnt those things the hard way I can tell you (but no falls off the stage into any MD's lap...)

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