Friday, December 16, 2005


Let's put the anthropomorphism aside: as much as I love Morgan Freeman's voice, I don't think having "the voice of God" on the voice-over helped alleviate some of the syrupy human emotions attributed to the creatures. Despite this issue, it was hard to not be charmed by "March of the Penguins."

Perhaps it is the way they seem to groan when they fall or crash into each other; perhaps it is the sheer unadulterated cuteness of the the little fluffy offspring: but the photography was brilliant, it is a great story of triumph for survival (not of "love" whatever the narration says), and they are just such incredible creatures to watch - their grace underwater, firing along like torpedoes, is amazing to see.

Go and see it.


Reidski said...

I would like to see it, but don't think I could sit through 90 minutes of that style of narration - listening to the trailers was bad enough, even though it looks like an incredibly beautifully film.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Then I would advise to wait for the DVD, turn the sound off, make your own narration and watch it on as large a screen as possible!

ardeelee said...

i loooooove that film! it's funny when the lady penguins tried stealing other couple's eggs! kinda sad actually.

that's life i guess.

i saw morgan freeman one time here in san diego, having a cup of coffee. he's my favorite actor. i should have said hi, and told him that. but i was too timid.

i kid you not! it's one of my most memorable moments....

Rob said...

We have penguins (King and Gentoo) at Edinburgh Zoo. They can be seen underwater through a window in the side of their tank, and I agree, they are very graceful. I like the tiny streams of bubbles coming off them as the air trapped in their feathers escapes.

Looking forward to seeing MOTP shortly.