Friday, December 09, 2005

Save Christopher Robin from Disney

Marie is on the case.

Why oh why oh why oh why oh why? (Cloud is mocking me here: but as a huge Eeyore fan I love Pooh stories.)

PS thanks for the luurrve folks: I'm feeling a lot better. Oh yeah, and it is Friday!


Marie said...

The blogosphere versus Disney. Holy Hoses are up in arms too. How can we organise resistance?

Rob said...

As I remarked on Marie's blog, why even be surprised? After all that Disney has done to both A A Milne and Lewis Carroll? It really bugs me that sometimes they have managed to create a new classic out of their machete-work on classic children's books ("Mary Poppins" being the most obvious example), but sometimes it seems that rather than quarrying the original for buts they could use they've simply slapped the label on any old rubbish. Neither Disney-Pooh nor Disney-Alice bears any closer relationship to the original than the Bond films(after Thunderball) do to the corresponding books (before they ran out of books!)

Good luck, but I suspect you're flogging a depressed donkey.