Monday, January 15, 2007

George Collections - in and out

Some time ago, I did a couple of posts collating the tracklistings for our George collections: George Volume 1 - loud and George Volume 2 - soft. Very nice they are too.

Given that we've effectively become a mutual 'obscure-music-and-fave-tracks' appreciation society, I thought it may be nice to present these playlists, in much the same way I have been getting a lot of pleasure from reviewing the weekly musical prompts from Darren over at the ever fabulous Inveresk Street Ingrate blog.

Although I do like to hear an album as it is on the album/CD, I do love the collating of tracks. Before George got onto the collating scene in this house, there were of course the 'pass the tape on' collections for Chrissie (a sample of which is the Gender Split Songsters collection). As with G though, what has been nice about the spreading the love of music has been how it has enabled us both to introduce/remind each other of good stuff. I certainly know in her case that she's got into some artistes she would never have thought of listening to without my prompts!)

Anyway, that meander is by way of noting I'm going to catch up on the listings for the George collections, both incoming and outgoing. Ee, but there is some grand stuff there...

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