Monday, January 15, 2007

The George Volumes: The Graduation collection

Wow, I can't believe it is now over 2 years ago since this was compiled. Still, anything that begins with that Joy Division track is always going to press my buttons. In retrospect, I might have re-thought the final selections of the collection since I think it is quite difficult to follow the stunning impact of Simon and Garfunkel's chilling rendition of Silent Night combined with the 7 o'clock news of the day. Still, the remaining tracks were too good to miss out on and given this was compiled with some friendly goodwill from Lisette, it does largely hold together. And you have to love the Pop Goes the Weasal of Mr Perry.

Volume 4: The Graduation Collection

Atmosphere: Joy Division
We Are The Clash: Sparks
(Get A) Grip (On Yourself): Lambchop [a cover of The Stranglers...]
The Modern Dance: Pere Ubu
Modern Dance: Campfire Walkers [cover of the above in rollicking hoe-down style]
Die Interimsliebenden: Einstürzende Neubauten
Toyte Goyes In Shineln: Black Ox Orkestar
Dreaming (,,,Again): Polmo Polpo
Pink Dust: Magoo
Still Evil: Radar Bros.
Personal Jesus: Johnny Cash [Yes, originally by Depeche Mode...]
Feed Kill Chain: Jay Farrar
The Guns Of Brixton: Nouvelle Vague
The Sky Lay Still: Elisabeth Anka Vajagic
7 O'Clock News / Silent Night: Simon & Garfunkel
Inside Susan [Inside Susan: A Story in 3 Parts- part 2]: Pulp
The Book Is on the Table: Pere Ubu
Jungle Jim: Lee "Scratch" Perry

Actually, it's just nice to rethink through these track listings. Must replay these collations...

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mike said...

Did you know that Einsturzende Neubauten are playing Rock City on April 26? I've got a spare guest list place, so e-mail me if you want it...