Friday, January 26, 2007

On Bitchness; or, whatever happened to Ms Wurtzel?

I know that the whine effect of Elizabeth Wurtzel's self-analysis is now regarded as a low point in 1990s culture, but I nevertheless bristled at the article in the Guardian on Kate Figes' new book, The Big Fat Bitch Book.

Figes may be a more sympathetic writer to the literati but I rather liked Bitch: In Praise of Difficult Women.

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rowan said...

I agree..I cant believe people thought "Elizabeth Wurtzel your work is getting worse" because it was obvious that it was one of those works that nearly killed her to write it...You know nearly every good composer has one or author. A work that takes a lot out of them. ANd that work was Brilliant.. too much for even the critics, I don't know. I just dont understand why it got bad ratings when it addressed media fascination figures with the precision of a scientist or mathenatician... I just dont understand what people want from her. I am waiting on her to write another memoir!! but maybe she's done. I hope not..