Monday, January 22, 2007

First call: Nottingham Blogmeet Saturday 10 March 2007

Okay, I've tried to email a few people about this and hopefully at least the lovely Troubled Diva will cross-post with me. I know a few people may have found the email got swallowed into their junk box rather than mailbox (not sure why), so please don't feel you were excluded if you didn't get an email from me before this call.

Anyway, following last year's Manchester blogmeet, I did promise to consider instigating a similarly social meeting in Nottingham. Well, belatedly it could be on. We're quite central (it is the Midlands) and links from London are also quite good.

As yet this is quite a provisional call for those interested in coming over. So:

DATE: Saturday 10 March 2007

TIME: probably first meets from 2 or 3pm onwards, but we will hopefully get a venue that will allow flexible attendance all day till late. Yes, that means the Broadway may be our venue of choice.

WHO: Nottingham(shire) bloggers will be especially welcome. But don't be put off coming if you're from further afield. Our purpose is largely sociable and supportive so please feel free to join in.

PURPOSE: totally social! It may be your first blogmeet or one of many you have attended; either way you will be very welcome to come and meet some of those bloggers you have read, as well as some you probably haven't. It may even inspire new bloggers. I am sure that whoever you're sat next to - and I suspect movement and chatting will be the order of the day anyway - you'll find something to share, whether it's an interest in Angel or Buffy or Firefly or Serenity, a passion for obscure music, a love of landscape, or a commitment to political ideas. You may even wish to wax lyrical about Doctor Who (or even the current Doctor Who... sigh). You may be setting your video that night should Primeval be on... You may be a football fan: long-suffering or otherwise. You may love books and bookshops like this one. One thing I guess we will share is an interest in writing ...

comment here or email me and/or Troubled Diva (addresses are accessible if you look). We can then build a pooled list of possible attendees and Mike has agreed to collate a page where links can be viewed of those blogs who may be coming. But if you DON'T want to be listed there you can opt to be kept on the invisible list that Mike and I will construct.

Further details will be posted as things are organised. I'm afraid the bagsie-a-futon has gone to EineKleineRob as he has indicated he will be trooping down from Edinburgh, but I am sure sofa and duvet space on floors at my place can be found for other waifs and strays wanting to stay in Nottingham for the night. And if we have enough of a critical mass and the weather sets fair we could always meet up for a walk on the Sunday somewhere pleasant (yes, Nottingham DOES have pleasant parts...)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry I can't come to this!


Rob said...

Clare - we're ALL sorry you can't come to this!