Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Working through my collection of opening lines

Joe's asked me this before, but I thought I best clarify. Having always admired Reidski's habit of labelling his posts with song titles (damn: can't nick that great idea...) I thought I would take the recent 25 lines meme as an inspiration to keep trawling the archive.

Hence: "Opening Line".

Now I have already given you one where the song title was in the lyric I gave (Doh!), though luckily it was one of the 'obscure' tracks so that didn't matter so much (though as I say: it's only obscure if you don't know it...). But it has raised the question of 'obscurity' with pleas from several - and Joe is not alone in this - for better known tracks.

Well, shucks folks! That is really difficult to predict. In many instances, I have gone with a track that was uppermost in my mind on the day in question. Sometimes this was because I played it; sometimes because I was thinking about tracks in my collection. I'm not trying to be complicated, honest!

Over time, I suspect most of you will find something you COULD have gotten even if you lack the broadband connection or having dropped by here to have picked it up in time. But I think I can safely say that at SOME point, everyone will have had a shot at 'glory'. And it's not as if there are prizes...

Or should there be prizes?

At the end of the year say?

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Rob said...

Lisa - I have a 25 Lines open at the moment which contains one unguessed line which I figured you'd get instantly. Go and prove me right.