Sunday, August 27, 2006

Opening Line: 27 August 2006

With apologies for the missing days, here is today's choice:

"Mother, mother, there's too many of you crying"

Too easy for words.

UPDATE: Chrissie gets in first with the answer I was thinking of, but as I say in the comments, props to Rosby for an alternative and equally accurate answer (I think the latter artiste was probably 'paying homage' to the former!)


Anonymous said...

Yes, as you say it is easy but they're the ones I get! "What's going on" by the delicious Marvin Gaye. Superb stuff!

Rosby said...

Wait, hang on. They're the first words to Lemar's version of "I believe in a thing called love" as well. Or does that not count?

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I was going from the Marvin Gaye I have to admit, but props to Rosby for getting an alternative answer!