Monday, August 28, 2006

Fireplace update (2nd attempt)


Let's try and load this post again. And there was me all chuffed 'cos Blogger actually uploaded some pictures....


We have spoken to the lovely salvage yard people (no Lovejoy around...) and they are coming on Friday to measure up and check fittability [that's probably not actually a word...]. It seems we will not have to spend the 6th winter in this house staring at the most hideous fireplaces ever built.

I give you these gems: first up the living room, and then the living room.

Photo by Rullsenberg: living room fireplace 1970s bricks

Photo by Rullsenberg: dining room fireplace 1970s bricks

Lovely aren't they!?

Hopefully instead we will be looking at something like this and this.

Much better I think you would agree...

Still, upstairs we have got the original fireplaces.

One currently buried behind furniture (builders still disrupting the house)

Photo by Rullsenberg: fireplace1

One painted over (we've just got some stuff to do it up...)

Photo by Rullsenberg: fireplace2

And one we've just uncovered from behind a cover (hence the cobwebs and dust!)

[Sorry Blogger unhappy at loading last picture]

1 comment:

SimonHolyHoses said...

I rather like those old fireplaces.

We used to have them in our old house in Beeston (we buffed them up with some authentic black/gunmetal stuff), but our current house is stuffed with neo-mock-mock-pseudo-gothic rubbish.

We've subsequently found out that our current fireplace is unsafe for use with a proper fire/wood-burner.

That say's it all really, doesn't it? "All curtains and no furniture" is what new houses are all about.