Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Whilst we were away, we took to having BBC1 news on pre-breakfast. Cue action:

BBC TV: "... and tomorrow we'll be talking to Billie Piper..."

Lisa, previously busy packing to go out for the day, immediately drops her task and turns to TV screen in time to catch gratuitous clip of Doctor Who...

And cue hysterical laughter from Cloud for my sudden and instinctive actions.

Next day, we're watching News24. Then suddenly Cloud changes channel to BBC1. He SAYS it was just coincidence, but I think higher powers were in charge of the moment: he turned over just as they were about to introduce the Billie Piper interview segment which included not only a set report for "The Ruby in the Smoke" but also yet more gratuitous Doctor Who clips (including the throat-clenching, tear-stirring moment when David Tennant says "quite right too" with that lump in his throat cracking his voice).

Lovely. Except that I've now been back again to rewatch that beach sequence and I'm all teary again. Shucks, the DVD set is gonna get a lot of hammering come Xmas...

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