Thursday, August 17, 2006

Opening Line review 21 July - 17 August 2006

Back on 21 July 2006 I did a review of the daily opening lines used to that date.

Well, here's another catch-up of what we've had since then. I'll also give you a note of those still outstanding. And since no one has got the last of those not guessed by 21 July, I guess I better give it.

17 July 2006: "I guess I kinda sort of know I ought to be..."
"Thinking of You" by The Colourfield (aka Terry Hall post Specials and Fun Boy Three)

Anyway, here we go - the ones in bold still need an answer:

21 July 2006: "Between Marx and marzipan in the dictionary there was Mary"
The nearest we got was Jim Jay who got the right artiste but not the track (though he did suggest another from the same period)

22 July 2006: "When we were young nobody died and nobody got older"
Hmmm... this concept works much better if you don't actually choose tracks with the title IN the opening line...
"When we were young" by Whipping Boy guessed by Chrissie.

23 July 2006: "She said 'there's something in the woodshed...'"
Divine Comedy "Something for the Weekend" guessed in a lively comments box by Jo.

24 July 2006: "In the future all this will be yours"

25 July 2006: "Every single night the same arrangement"
Moo got this as the opening track from the magnificent musical episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer "Once More with Feeling". It's Buffy (Sarah Michelle Gellar) singing "Going through the Motions".

26 July 2006: "I heard she drove the silvery sports-car along the empty streets last night"
UPDATE: Thanks to George for getting this: St Etienne "Hobart Paving"

27 July 2006: "Chance dreams that cut across the bed, leaving colours there instead"

28 July 2006: "You called me last night on the telephone"
Neil got this after some initial confusion - They Might Be Giants "New York City".

29 July 2006: "I was never cool in school"
Marie beat Anna to getting this: Ben Folds Five "Underground".

30 July 2006: "Best of all...all the things in this world that's worth a look"

31 July 2006: "We've laid the cables and the wires"
George got this: Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds "God is in the House".

1 August 2006: "You can keep the good times, righteousness, the best parting line"
Despite a lively set of comments, still no answer on this...

2 August 2006: "Clean shirt, new shoes"
After some Reidski confusion (which I addressed another time), Stu_N got this: ZZ Top "Sharp Dressed Man".

3 August 2006: "A million old soldiers will fade away"
I may have transcribed this wrongly, but I'm pretty sure at least one reader knows this...
UPDATE: Chrissie texted me the answer! Todd Rundgren - "A Dream Goes on Forever".

4 August 2006: "Those fingers in my hair"
Chrissie got this in a flash: Frank Sinatra, "Witchcraft"

5 August 2006: "If I walk down this hallway tonight, it's too quiet"
George got this - Kristen Hersh and "Your Ghost" from Hips 'n' Makers

6 August 2006: "My little girl was born on a ray of sound"
Now jams o donnell got the artiste, so what's the song?

7 August 2006: "To a point, you will fail"
Hee. Yes Lisa. It's a really good idea to select occaisonal obscure tracks and then forget to make a note of what you selected... I'm racking my OWN brain to remember this though I can clearly hear the line sung in my head!
Anyone who can jog my memory will get some kind of reward!
UPDATE: I remembered what it is!!!

8 August 2006: "The day you move, I'm probably going to explode"
But I DO recall this one well! Please get it!

9 August 2006: "She sold herself on the one love"
Will got this - it's the Longpigs "Lost Myself"

10 August 2006: "Well I sold my farm to take my woman to where she longed to be"
Chris got this story song "The Streets of Baltimore" by Gram Parsons

11 August 2006: "All the bright young things are talking, showing off their wings and squawking"
Scary shrieky scream.

12 August 2006: "Blue gene baby"
Mike at Troubled Diva beat Reidski to picking this up when it finally came along! It's "Sweet Gene Vincent" by Ian Dury and the Blockheads in honour of us seeing them at Summer Sundae.

13 August 2006: "Once upon a time, not too long ago..."
Will got this, Gomez's best moment "Whipping Piccadilly"

14 August 2006: "Summer in winter, winter in springtime"
Matt_c got this inestimably beautiful track by Belle and Sebastian "A Summer Wasting"

15 August 2006: "She would never say where she came from"
Chrissie obliged with identifying "Ruby Tuesday" by The Rolling Stones (and even got in the Melanie reference!)

So that's the list from the last review point to-date. A few still to get that I think can and should be got, and one that even I've forgotten (though clearly it was up there in my mind at the time...) UPDATE: and which I have just remembered...


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Chrissie's busy and has had a fit of shyness but since she DID text me with news that 3 August was Todd Rundgren's "A Dream Goes on Forever" I'm giving her credit...

George said...

That 26 July is St. Etienne with Holbart Paving, yay!