Monday, August 07, 2006

Shakesspeare's Sister pleads for Colin 'Fecking' Farrell to properly demonstrate his acting talent

Awh, bless. Shakes is feeling the pain of watching Colin F not quite reaching his potential.

And she's right about Ed Norton too. Damn, he is a really REALLY capable actor but but there are some real dodos in his CV alongside the good stuff.

Here's to actors getting roles worth their talent. Still, given that I will tolerate all manner of rubbish to watch some of my favourite actors, I'm hardly one to talk! And I would much rather see people in work than not...


Gordon said...

Ed Norton is STREETS ahead of that swaggering oik Farrell. Streets I tells ya!

Ohh except for Phone Booth... Colin was good in that.

Imposs1904 said...

Any time I'm asked the question, 'what in your opinion is the most over rated film that you've ever seen?', I immediately reply: Ed Norton's American History X.

Please don't tell me you think it was one of his good ones?

Say it isn't so, Lisa ;-)

Anonymous said...

Colin Farrell is the result of a gene-splicing experiment between Ronnie Corbett and a Yorkshire terrier. The sort that wears a bow in its hair.

The experiment was only partially successful, because there was too much Yorkie in the blend.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Fret not Darren, American History X is always on tv too late for me to care to watch it. I'm pretty much a Fight Club gal really, though Norton's first film schtick for the Richard Gere film Primal Fear was pretty good too (yes, yes, I know: a Richard Gere film... can I state for the record RG does NOTHING for me at all...)

And though it was overall a mess of a film, Norton is pretty cute in Keeping the Faith with the utterly bonkers Jenna Elfman (always in my mind the fabulous Dharma).

But yeah, in truth, my fondness for Norton is drawn from Fight Club (and don't even get me started on the wonderfulness of Marla Singer!)

PS Stu: I can't look at at CF now without imagining dogs!