Monday, August 14, 2006

Final brief SummerSundae update (Sunday)

I'll be getting around to a full review - and response to your comments - regarding the weekend's delights and disappointments (there were a few: nothing major). In the meantime, here is another quick overview of the proceedings.

It was a very good final day, though we probably caught less stuff overall. After getting lost in Leicester (trying to park), having already discovered I had no idea at all where that f-ing brolly has hidden itself in my house, we finally got to the site about 12.45. We caught a bit of Redcarsgofaster, and a couple of tracks from Token of my affection before heading indoors for misterlee. We caught background awareness through the day of The Long Blondes, Morning Runner and a very distant bit of Jose Gonzalez doing the advert. Though I liked the T-shirt with the bonkers bunny monster, we only caught a bit of background from The Guillemots, and the drifting sound of "Something to Bang" by Absentee as we came back from some well needed food intake off-site. We also caught a couple of tracks whilst in transit round the site of Stephen Fretwell and snuck into the packed hall for The Buzzcocks.

Main attractions were Sophie Solomon, Camera Obscura, a good dose of comedy that included Marcus Birdman, James Dowdeswell and Mitch Benn, and we ended the night on Belle and Sebastian.

Again, couldn't be everywhere, so missed out on catching Hayley Hutchinson, Waking the Witch, The Boy Least Likely To, or Coldcut (who were up against Belle and Sebastian).

In all: a brilliant experience and despite occasional drizzle and downpours (the latter we largely avoided), it was a fine festival and we'd definitely like to go again!

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JoeinVegas said...

Glad that you had fun fun fun.