Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Penguin Laughs (or the return of John at C&S)

BWAH!!!!! This is brilliant! *

One of a series of wonderul posts over at Counago&Spaves to mark the return of John.

Just a thought, but John, you do know that with the others posts there it took us a while to note your absence...???


Just kidding. I've been fretting like crazy!

* BWAH = generic sound of gasped laughter (close relation of MWAH-HA-HA = the sound made by evil villians in pantomime)

Talking of moustaches: a little happy birthday aside to pal George (I got him a card with 'taches on it), who this weekend induldged early in watching Season 6 Buffy on DVD despite his belief in presents being for the day itself because he couldn't bear to have Dark Willow in the house and not be gazing at the TV screen....


John said...

Fret no more. Soon you'll be wishing I'd stayed away longer!

JoeinVegas said...

Happy birthday George (from Lisa's comments anyway)!. And he likes Dark Willow? Guess she does have a kind of romantic tilt to her.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Trust me... romance ain't in it! (Well, he was pretty sweet for Willow from the get-go. But then first there was the scene at the end of Becoming II with Willow re-en-souling Angel, then Vampire Willow from The Wish/Doppelgangland, then the increasingly powerful witchy Willow, the revenging Willow when Glory brain-sucked Tara, Willow raising the dead Buffy, and then magic addicted Willow. By the time Willow went Dark and Veiny and all kicking Buffy's ass he was WELL primed.)
As the Buffy scripts might say "naughty thoughts"!!!!