Thursday, February 17, 2005

Moustache twirling bad guys

"Mwah ha ha! I'll get you Jack Turner"

Sorry, random ramblings here, but I had to share an example of the shorthand Cloud and I use to discuss bad buys (it may be on television but all sources of bad guys can count).

It is unlikely that many of you ever caught The Lyon's Den - the USA only aired 6 episodes and although Channel5 broadcast all the filmed episodes they booted it around the late night weekday schedules till nobody cared whethere they had shown them or not. This was Rob Lowe's vehicle following his (somewhat) acrimonious departure from The West Wing and the role of Deputy Communications Director and former lawyer, Sam Seaborn. He played good-guy lawyer, Jack Turner. Now normally it's fairly easy to fill in back story and identify goodguys & badguys... this programme took this to an extreme. The bad guy in LD was just too obviously flagged up with the cartoon identifications often found in wanna-be-oh-so-liberal-dramas: mistress (check), hates liberals (check), over-ambitious (check), scheming with others (check).

Cloud and I decided that he did everything bar twirl his moustache and shout aloud with a swashing blade "I'll get you, Jack Turner"... in fact the nearest other example I could think of was Guy Pearce's performance in the risible The Count of Monte Cristo: that was nearer to pantomine and thigh-slapping! Anyway, all this is by way of noting that whenever we see/hear any utterly over the top bad-guy behaviour, one or both of us with yell "Mwah ha ha..."


Neil said...

"I'll get you, Blakey" - that's the British equivalent. I'm ashamed I know that. I'm just going to crawl into a hole in the ground and wait for my eleventy-first birthday. No. Make it stop. I'm just embarrassing myself.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

OHMIGOD - you are SO right... that IS really embarrassing to know that...