Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Albums vs Singles vs Selecting tracks

Caroline Sullivan wrote a rather amusing and interesting piece yesterday on the Death of the Album. Whilst I can't entirely agree with her comments about large collections - I'm no John Peel but we're at the higher end of music collection quantities (partly because we have not yet entered the download age) - I did think her remark about there being too many filler tracks on albums very telling.

It reminded me of why I often put together compilations. Really, in some instances there are only a couple of tracks I like and the rest is just... well, dull. Maybe if I did have downloading/putting on my hard drive I would shed some of the music I own....?

But then I rather like the eclectic nature of our collection: some good, some bad, some so-so, some amazing tracks alongside the fillers on certain albums (and, despite what Sullivan said, the same can go for singles).

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Admin said...

I saw that and thought it quite a provocative article - given that the readership are likely to still be album buyers.

I used to think the album would never die, and have the straining shelves full of CDs and attic of vinyl to prove it.

I don't think I have converted yet, but I have started to feel less connection to the physical artifact since doing most of my listening on an mp3 player.

Now that the whole 20Gb is full up and I have to delete stuff to put anything new on I have started to get a bit more choosy and leave off the duff tracks.

I'm sure that is the first step.