Monday, October 10, 2005

Give me Serenity

I was cool: I didn't get heartbroken that my Serenity character came up as the bad guy (81%). It's a great part and nicely played (even if, you know, part of the EVIL!).

Instead I took heart from coming up as the wisely enigmatic Shepherd Derrial Book in second (75%), and in joint third - nice thrill this - River Tam and Capt. Mal Reynolds both on 69%.

Serenity kicked ass on every level possible. It was witty (of course! JW wrote it!) and it was action-packed (of course! JW directed it!) The characters were well drawn and transferred to the big screen, and although it drew on small-screen brilliance to make it work, I definitely felt a big-screen was worthwhile.

Of course, Jayne is a git (there's a reason most of us have him come last on our list) but then Adam Baldwin plays a lot of those.

And River Tam? Totally, she is, like, AWESOME cool...

You know what? You really can't stop the signal when its this shiny!

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Draic said...

I half expected to come through as the operative - but i'm probably too unfocussed. Instead I gots equal Book and Kaylee.
Serenity is indeed fantastic. I'm definitely going to see it a second time, which is an occurance as rare as I am :-) I'm holdin off at the moment though, in case i can rope people in to going with me.
Meanwhile, it's just everyone's birthday this time of year! Yours (happy birthday, btw), mine was on the 3rd, a friend of mine is on the 2nd, Violet (blogger) is on the 12th (today), as is my brother, there is a party this weekend for a guy who's birthday is a little later in the month, and I know 2 artists at who have had their birthdays in the last week. Maybe I'm only noticing this because I'm a part of it, but I don't know a lot of people, so this is a very high percentage of people I know with recent birthdays!