Thursday, October 13, 2005

John Peel Day

You know that it's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

"You know that it's a good thing."

Well, I don't!

Try and look surprised!

Paulie said...

Upside: The Fall sessions on Radio 6.

Downside: Any reference to Home Truths.

And I saw Feargal Sharkey on the Tube today.

Anonymous said...

For once, I really am not being rude or sarcastic, but having read 'Paulie's' comment above I simply do not understand one word of it. Or, to be exact, I understand several of the individual words but what they all mean in that context is, for me, totally unknowable. I could read a passage of Shakespeare and understand more of it than 'Paulie's' words. I hasten to add that it is no fault of 'Paulie's', it is merely an example of the difference between the generations. Part of the reason I follow this site so avidly (apart from my burgeoning love for our hostess) is to try and keep myself up to date with what concerns younger people. Oh well, 'E' for Effort, I suppose, or, "Could do better" which is likely to be my epitaph!

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

For what it's worth, an explanation:

John Peel: DJ (disc jockey, player of music, presenter on radio) who appeared on Radio1 playing an eclectic mix of new music and quirky material from the past - such as classic 20s blues alongside obscure dub reggae alongside new punk-inspired two-minute long tracks alongside alternative country music alongside twelve-minute long post-rock/classical inspired works for violins, cellos and drums... you get the picture [actually, I guess you don't but bear with me]. Peel was a permanent but uncomfortable fixture at Radio 1 where most of the radio schedule and playlist was disposable pop singles. He was also, whisper it quietly, not very young but he had a fiercesome knowledge of contemporary music to shame most of the younger presenters on Radio 1. His show got booted around the schedule because they (almost) did not ddare get rid of him, but at the end his slot had been moved to 11pm-1am: it was taking its toll to present 3 nights a week and keep up with the thousands of incoming demo-tapes/CDs sent by new hopeful bands. He died suddenly whilst on holiday last year.

The Fall: band from Salford featuring singer Mark E Smith and whoever he hasn't fallen out with this week as musical backup. The Fall were described by Peel as his favourite band because "they were always different but always the same": in other words, it was always unmistakably The Fall - Mark E Smith's sneering vocal style is difficult to avoid recognising - but you never knew quite what to expect in terms of their style, interest, standpoint, band line-up...

Radio6: wireless station only available via Digital Radio. Ostensibly for audiences who want something more challenging than is usually found on Radio 1 but who are not yet ready to admit total easy listening defeat to Radio 2 (you may know this as the Light Programme). Also suitable for those who have not yet fully discovered that Radios 3 and 4 also play challenging music, but as these usually appear in very obscure slots in the schedule they may have not yet found this (I hereby refer to World Music, jazz, post-rock, avant-garde etc...)

Home Truths: the love-it-or-hate-it show on Radio 4 that John Peel also presented. Revelling in the little anecdotes and tales of life that amongst friends can be amusing but which shared with millions can become twee and overpowering. Nevertheless, hugely enjoyed by those who did love it, and many of those who could no longer keep up with Peel's relentless enthusiasm for new music found a new way to enjoy his laconic humour via Home Truths.

Fergeal Sharkey: formerly singer with The Undertones who recorded (one of) John Peel's favourite tunes "Teenage Kicks."

The Tube: common name of the London Underground system.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!