Monday, October 24, 2005

From Duffman to Douglas

Now you know there is something strange going on. That's not a journey you (or I) expected to see posted...

In my wilful ignoring of some people's pleas to be added to my blogroll, I wandered (as I sometimes do: masochist that I am) over to Duffman's site of spectacular meanderings.

And what do I find?

Not only a declaration of love for Tom Stoppard, but a proclamation of pleasure for the trilogy of plays "The Coast of Utopia".

Regular viewers of this site will know I saw bits of the trilogy on many occasions: "Voyage" multiple times with just about everyone I knew, and "Shipwreck" and "Salvage" twice (or did I see "Shipwreck" three times?). I saw "Shipwreck" and "Salvage" with Helen Lisette due to admiration for Stephen Dillane; but, as my personal favourite, "Voyage," was my main repeat visit that I frequently re-read and quote from at random. I cannot think why... (ahem...)

Yes, I did spend a huge amount of money on train fares and tickets (even when I went for the £10 front row crick-your-neck tickets on the day). But as the trilogy represented the wonderful Douglas Henshall's return to the stage after five years away it was worth it.

Anyway, as much as Duffman baits me (is it a sport, perchance? Rullsenberg Baiting?) he does at least acknowledge that my boy done good in the trilogy.

And I have to be happy for that...

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Anonymous said...

"[I]s it a sport, perchance? Rullsenberg Baiting?"

Well, now they've banned m' hunting with m' dogs, what else is a chap to do?