Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Hollywood reporter on Blackpool (and a certain actor's song and dance routine)

The review from Hollywood Reporter is medium coll about the quirkiness that was Blackpool, but this quote really made me smile.
There is a tremendous burst of energy with the appearance of David Tennant, a sexy visiting P.I. investigating a murder at Holden's just-opened casino (called an A.W.P., "amusement with prizes"). There's a good laugh when Holden greets the Scot with, "Hey, Braveheart," and they quickly develop an excellent divisive chemistry. Also funny is the scene in which Tennant and Morrissey, both more than 6 feet tall, literally tango to "These Boots Are Made for Walking," effectively dancing in step. It's here where the series is at its best.

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Marie said...

Obviously I'm just here to say that David Tennant was by far the best thing about Blackpool. I hate to be predictable but there you have it.