Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sorry I've been absent...

Not for lack of thoughts of posts, but just circumstances against me.

So, all being well you can "look forward" to posts on:
  1. Doctor Who and the Cybermen
  2. Green Wing
  3. Levellers' Day
  4. i-Tunes
  5. house improvements
  6. books and music storage
  7. independent bookshops
Wow, am sure there are at least a few more topics I could do a post one, but I'll be setting myself up for a fall if I list anything else....


Matt_c said...

Blog trailers. I like it. I bet there are some spoilsports in the crowd muttering, "Well, she's blogged all the best bits anyway" and "Well, she's told us the topic - I won't need to read it now".
Some people just don't get that it's the experience, do they?

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

You're just mocking me aren't ya???


AnnaWaits said...

"books and music storage" Is it sad that this is the one that excites me most?!!

Matt_c said...

Mocking? Moi? Never. Ripping the piss or gentle teasing only. There's no halfway house for me.

(I'll let you have a teaser trailer for the fact that I'm planning a special 500th post. It's gonna be big. Summer 2006.)