Monday, May 29, 2006

Books and Music Storage

Here it is Anna!

For regular visitors to this blog, you will know that we have been wrestling with how to best store our books and music for some time. Because it can't have escaped your attention that there is a fair amount of this stuff inside the walls of our house.

Last weekend the Guardian ran what was for me a near pornographic spread on book storage in its Weekend magazine (apologies for my rubbish pictures):

Now this was inspiring, but also pretty depressing because, since we are in the starting processes of putting our house into order by building work etc we're a long way from being able to get all our books and music properly stored.

The problem chiefly lies in the fact that over the years we have acquired our storage systems for music and books as and when required. It's basically been a "needs must" kinda system whereby we had run out of storage system and got the nearest and cheapest thing we could get hold of to do the job. In some instance this worked very well. Our poetry bookcase is a nice little £10 second-hand job. Some work less well, pretty much everything but the handmade CD cabinet my friend's dad made me one year. Anyway, the point is that at some point in the future we will have to (and can probably now just about afford to) get some decent storage for our stuff built to suit our house.

Anyone got any suggestions how this is best done? We have the number of a carpenter who built some storage cupboards for our neighbour. Should we go with that or do people have better suggestions?

(I was going to put in some pics of our current stuff but blogger seems to be having a picture uploading problem...)


Gordon said...

I would veer towards getting the joiner to build something bespoke... less (none) portable but much MUCH sexier... ohhh I'm drooling.

AnnaWaits said...

Worth the wait!
I love the first pic from the Guardian...