Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Making a Legal Union

I have a fondness for people making a commitment to each other that is out of all proportion to my actual (non-)desire to do the same myself. So it has been fun in recent times to drop by the Troubled Diva and watch the preparations and delights of Mike's 'legal union'. Currently bemoaning the limitations of eggs benedict without hollandaise sauce in the Maldives, Mike has nevertheless found time and space to provide yet another great picture of the Happy Day to go with all the other lovely pictures available.

I'm still thinking about possible captions, but the great happiness of the event does fair warm my heart. Of course you all know by now that aftter nearly 16 years together the whole of issue of me and Neil making some kind of traditional declaration is a tad unlikely, but we have agreed that as long as it's done by someone dressed as a tacky Elvis and it's somewhere like Las Vegas (hello Joe!) we may JUST consider getting ourselves a legal union.

Of course we could just do it a lot cheaper by having proper wills, but doesn't seem half as fanciful. And since the chances of us being able to afford LV anytime soon are pretty small (especially with rellies in NZ to visit), it seems that our commitment will just have to remain one of our hearts rather than bank accounts.

Much more romantic anyway...

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MediumRob said...

If you want any advice on getting married in Las Vegas, just ask: Sarah and I got married there three years ago and it was great! And if it's costs you're worried about, it actually works out cheaper than a UK wedding.