Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blog interlude

Those of you waiting for the next installments of the blog post trailer I posted will have to wait up for a mo. I'm getting to it. And when the next in line comes up (on i-Tunes) you'll hopefully understand why I'm a bit delayed with things.


I spotted this over at Matt_c's place and couldn't resist self tagging. But then I went back to Matt's and found that I had been tagged, albeit without notice, by GreatFilmakerIan (I think that's going to be his official Rullsenberg nickname: first there was EineKleineRob, HolyHosesRob, and MediumRob...and now there is GreatFilmakerIan). Thanks Ian. I'll add you to the rollcall at Rullsenberg.

*UPDATE: by request Ian has asked to be okflimmakerian. Happy to oblige.

I am nearly always stripey

I want to see the building work finished on my house (and done well)

I wish I had more self-confidence

I hate stupidity

I love making other people happy

I miss talking to my mum about old family photographs

I fear losing those I know and love

I hear songs in my head nearly all the time

I wonder if I'll ever meet David Tennant

I regret nothing - life's too short to regret

I am not much use on quiz machines, but give me more time and I'll get you a source with the answer

I dance believing I can be sexy (so very, VERY wrong!)

I sing with enthusiasm

I cry at lots of things

I am not as organised as people think

I make a mess of wherever I go

I write absolute nonsense most of the time

I confuse myself

I need to live a greener lifestyle

I should exercise more often (like, ever would be a start)

I start everything with passion and optimism

I finish almost nothing that I start

I tag Rosby, Marie and Cloudy Neil.

Hmmm... I'm not at all addicted to blogging...


Rosby said...

Hurrah! I'm a tagee! that a word?

ian said...

I'm not a "great" filmmaker... I'd settle for an "ok" filmmaker, really. How about "okfilmmakerian"?

PS I still can't do hyperlinks.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

At your request Ian...

Matt_c said...

I'm not sure if people should be allowed to choose their own nicknames. Especially if they're too lazy to research how links work... What's a makerian? It sounds like a mongrel pomeranian.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Just 'cos you haven't got a nickname...


Anyway, am rather inclined to let Ian's stand on the grounds that he rejected my (somewhat) OTT original suggestion and did himself down to just being "ok". Still, it does look funny all in lower case: "okfilmmakerian"...

Matt_c said...

Ah! You got me me bang to rights. I am just fishing for a nickname. :P

okfilmmakerian said...

For Matt's nickname, may I suggest, "FishingForANickmanMatt" or "Fish 'N Nick Matt" for short. What do you reckon?

Marie said...

Reading this and mine again I notice some of our answers are on the similar side - either I have plagiarised you or great minds think alike, so either apologies or hurrah!