Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I don't get Flickr

Here I am uploading photographs through Blogger and I look around at all the people who use Flickr and think "why don't I do that?"

And then I occasionally come across posts like this, which - even though it is now resolved - just make me think "can I deal with the hassle?"

I'm also probably a bit tight money-wise and, since I am already wasting one lot of expenditure at the moment on something I haven't made much use of, I'm not best keen to be forking out for something I may just get out of the habit of using.

So someone please tell me: what are the advantages of Flickr compared to other photo storage sites? How much does it cost and what do you get for that? And how tech-smart do you have to be to use it?

Just thoughts...


Alan said...

Firstly, Flickr is free if all you want is a standard account. This limits the amount you can upload each month, but nobody ever reaches their limit unless they start uploading 8 megapixel images full size or something ridiculous. Also it limits the number of photo sets you can create, and it was this latter that made me decide to get a "pro" account that you pay for.

Secondly, Flickr is very easy to use. Using the upload page you can do six photos at a time, and once uploaded you can use the "All Sizes" button and it will give you a choice of various different sizes of photo to post and the html code to cut and paste in order to post it.

That said, I only use it because I host my own blog using WordPress software. On my alternative "Blogger" blog I upload photos directly to my account.

Dragon said...

What he said. I find flickr easy to use and provides all the functionality (including community) that a boy could need. The ability to annotate select pictures is by no means essential but can be an amusing distraction at times.

I nearly reached the upload limit (of 20Mb) last month but that's chiefly because I didn't reduce the size of the pics. Upgrading to a Pro account is relatively cheap if you need to.

JamesZ said...

I can agree with both the above. I've been using it for a couple of months, the only thing that would make me consider paying is the ability to create sets - I appear to be limited to 3 on the standard account.

You can also upload a whole load of images at once with a downloadable tool for Windows, which is really easy to use and then annotate them on the website. It seems to integrate well with blogger too.

HolyhosesRob said...

I thought there was a limit of 100 on a free account, but of course that might have changed since Yahoo took over.

I paid for a Pro account mainly because of the quantity limit. I loved it for a while, but then I became a bit disenchanted.

There are some strange types on Flickr: a lot of pervs, a lot of people who take too many photos of themselves, attention seekers, and a lot of anal retentives who like to have arguments about angels and pins.

I started a group for available light photography, and it just turned into an ongoing argument about the definition of available light, which I've just washed my hands of. I told them: it's supposed to be fun, and I don't care enough to kick people off for taking the piss: it's up to them, I'm not their dad.

It is quite convenient to blog photos from there, although the code they give isn't ideal, and the 500 pixel wide size they create is 100 pixels too wide for most Blogger templates.