Monday, May 08, 2006

The BATFA TV awards

How can you choose between Gillian Anderson - luminescent as she was in Bleak House - and the enchanting Anna Maxwell Martin (who I first saw on stage back in 2002 alongside lovely lovely Douglas Henshall in the Tom Stoppard trilogy The Coast of Utopia)? Although Anderson was incredible, the role of Esther Summerson clearly demands more range in terms of humour and pathos.

Well, whatever I thought, the BAFTA judges felt able to choose...

Still, it was really FAB that Doctor Who won (especially as it was up against Shameless*, which usually sweeps up awards of this kind).

*Can I just say, I really REALLY don't get Shameless. Maybe there has been just a little bit too much middle-class fawning over it for my liking, even though I fully respect how Paul Abbott has drawn on his own life experiences to write it. Weirder still given that I really love My Name is Earl, which Cloud says is just a gentler US version of the same type of narrative. Don't see it myself, but what do others think?

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AnnaWaits said...

Isn't it lovely to know that both The Industry and The General Public love the good doctor as much as we do?