Monday, May 08, 2006

Heinrich Heine

Following from Norm's posting of a great remark by Heine, here's another gem:
"I cannot promise you, dear reader, anything very captivating in the next chapter. If you become bored by the stupid stuff in it, console yourself by thinking of what a dreary time I must have had writing it! I would recommend that once in a while you skip several pages - for in that way, you will arrive much sooner at the end. Oh! How I wish I could do the same thing!"
I got it from an article in PMLA donkeys ago, from which the aforementioned blog takes its remarks.

Anyway, its a cracking quote and a lovely companion to the great Biff cartoon line of "You think it's difficult to read? You should try writing it!" (sadly this particular cartoon doesn't appear to be online but it sits on my noticeboard at home!)


Matt_c said...

It also sounds like something that Lemony Snickett (I know that's not his real name but I can't remember it) might have nicked from, esp. the opening of the first one. I can't find the quote though...

Rosby said...

Possible blogtionary entry:
BLOGTA - (Blog version of a bafta) being awarded the honour of being a "blog of note", which none of us *ever* are.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Blog of note? I think that you would definitely qualify in my book!

Matt_c said...

Blogta also sounds like the name of a supervillain.
I am Blogta! Kneel before me or I will delete your favourite posts! I will spam your comments boxes with polite offers of cheap Viagra! I will write dismissive putdowns of your favourite books and films! I will turn your hobby into a living nightmare! Bwhahahahahahahahahah!
Or something like that.