Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Green Wing (and weekend TV watching)

I feel a little like a one-woman supporter of Green Wing this season since it has, to me at least, been no where near as bad as people criticised. Whilst there were probably a few too many moments of grossness, most of them worked well in terms of making me laugh (Joanna in the cupboard in Doctor Statham's office? Hysterically terrible). It seems unlikley there will be a third series - no Mac??? - and the characters generally did get rounded off nicely (even though it is just plain WRONG as a relationship, Caroline and Guy at the station seemed apt as a [un]happy ending). So overall, as good as I could have hoped, far better than some would have me believe, and defendably up there as cracking TV.

I have to say that I had gone to great lengths to tape Green Wing, and Doctor Who this weekend as we were away Friday night till Saturday night with friends. Despite 'leckies potentially working on our house and switched the power off, thus rendering a video setting irrelevent, and getting various friends across the country to tape them for me, in the end it didn't matter.

We got to our friends and Sue promptly muttered excitedly about it being the last of Green Wing and so a pact was made so we could scuttle off to watch that at 10pm. AND it turned out that since our friends were fully supporting a campaign to have "duderlede" as the new national anthem (try singing it with some accompanying wooshing sounds coming in later), they were well keen to set the video for Saturday evening themselves. When we actually arrived back about 3 mins before the scheduled start time for Doctor Who - for that was the theme were we singing! - we were asked if we wanted to stay a little longer to watch it... erm, YEAH!!!! And so it was, against expectations, that I got to watch both Green Wing AND Doctor Who, and both Neil and I got to see Doctor Who with Nick and Sue. Excellent! Communal watching ALWAYS makes things great!


Matt_c said...

Re. communal watching. I agree 100 percent. When I lived with friends I watched a lot more TV than I do now. I miss sitting down, flicking on Property Ladder, Hollyoaks, watching three Sex and the City's in a row and staying up late watching movies, all the while chatting and laughing... Mostly talking about how shit or how good something is. Happy days. God, I'm making it sound like I have a really sad life now - sat alone watching Dr Who.

In praise of communal TV. Cheers.

JoeinVegas said...

communal TV - I thought we were all supposed to sit in silence and watch.

Marie said...

I love Green Wing, *particularly* Michelle Gomez - someone pitch a DT / Gomez comedy two-hander pronto!

AnnaWaits said...

Communal watching is GREAT! But you can only talk about what's happening on screen. Anything else is just annoying.