Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Eastern Cape Book Appeal

Not exclusively a shout to those of you in Scotland, but one you may feel more practically able to get involved in.

ACTSA Scotland runs an appeal for books to be sent to South Africa and is now based at Hillhead Library in Byres Road, Glasgow, courtesy of Glasgow City Council.
Help is always welcome, whether in the form of donated books in good condition (fiction or non-fiction, for all ages), of help with collecting, sorting and packing, or of funds to cover shipping to South Africa. The cost of shipping a container is some £1250, which is excellent value for the quantity of books involved but is real money that has to be found from donations. Vans also need to be hired from time to time to fetch donations of books within Scotland, and new books by, for example, African writers could be bought if funds allowed.

To help in any of these ways, please contact the ACTSA Scotland office at 52, St. Enoch Square, Glasgow G1 4AA. Tel: 0141 221 1276 (usually an answering machine). E-mail: Please do not contact Hillhead Library directly, or try to deliver books to St. Enoch Square (a small office that is not staffed).
You can read more information about ACTSA Scotland here. It's a good cause, taken up here, here and here, and I am happy to add my little bit of promotion of it.

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