Tuesday, September 27, 2005

OUCH! Hoping that Spacey's Richard II improves

AnnaWaits gets in an excoriating review of the current Richard II production at the Old Vic, London. Seems that the perfect and praising review of Spacey's work for the theatre still lies some way off...

In the meantime, book yourself to the Sheffield Theatres and the forthcoming season of work co-ordinated by Samuel West and appreciate regional theatre. Of course, if you must go to London, I direct you again to see Death of a Salesman before its run finishes in November.

And please, no more reciting how much you hate the play Duff: wouldn't do for us all to have the same taste.


David Duff said...

"..wouldn't do for us all to have the same taste."

Not much chance of that, Lisa, but I did like that picture of the countess you mentioned down below. I thought I had left a comment but it disappeared into the ether, or perhaps I was just pissed again, who knows? Anyway, I liked that slanted line in the background counter-poised against the direction of her hair band and the angle made by her left arm. It gave an ordinary picture some tension. The hexagonal frame was brilliant. Obviously difficult to judge the colours, but a handsome picture, no doubt about that.

AnnaWaits said...

Really, really want to see that production of Death of a Salesman.

I'm off to see Much Ado at the Sheffield Crucible, so it'll be good to see what sort of start Sam West's season gets off to. I have faith.