Monday, September 19, 2005

Super Furry Review / Pere Ubu Preview

Great review of the SFAs from EKN.

Mind, Rob does bemoan some non-attentive audience members.
The audience were enthusiastic, even though a lot of them were clearly more concerned with seeing their mates and being seen, and getting hammered, and texting, than listening to SFA. Whatever. The Furries, though, were loud enough to cut through any conversation on earth; it’s the first time for a while I’ve come out of a gig with impaired hearing. And there were plenty of die-hard SFA fans in there.
I've never understood why people pay good money to see bands only to spend the time yaddering, texting, or concentrating on drinking (the latter combined with watching/listening, yes, I get that; but to just drink? Surely the pub is cheaper?) The worst action I can lay claim to is that when Pulp played the Reading festival in 2002 (?), my friends Giles and Yvette kindly used up their minutes of phone time to call me so I could listen in to the gig. Actually, that was quite cool.

Anyway, thoughts of Super Furry noise making remind me that tomorrow is FatMan day (off to see Pere Ubu at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham). RR is a perfect small sized venue. We just have to wonder if David Thomas will request any Remy Martin this time...?

NB when DT toured with The Two Pale Boys back in summer 2004, he hated the effect of the beer on his voice and asked for some cognac. Sadly, all they had was the usual bar crap when what DT wanted was some Remy Martin. The poor hapless guy at the bar was utterly intimidated by the sight of David Thomas grumbling. Still, didn't stop our pal George mischievously asking the same guy on the bar the next time we were in for a Remy Martin: the poor lad just looked horrified (twice in a week?!). We did confess we were just messing with him and the guy did laugh with us about it. Not to be forgotten!

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Martin said...

Hi Lisa

How was the Ubu gig. I'm off to see them on Thursday and anticipate a career spanning set-list.Will I be disappointed? And are the "special guests" listed as support worth getting there early for?