Monday, September 05, 2005

Scrumping the Bishop's blackberries

Nothing rude, nor anything to do with new technology.

Cloud and I went to Lincoln for the day yesterday (confession: my first ever visit - I am a bad resident of the East Midlands) and had a FABULOUS day, culminating in scrumping some lush looking blackberries from the grounds of the Bishop's Palace by the cathedral.

Am sure that by ancient statutes we would probably come to violent death at the hands of Dog / the "sky bully" for such an act, but lacking much belief that way, we'll settle for just feeling a bit naughty.

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Rob said...

Fropm the first time I saw it I adored the vaulting in the choir of Lincoln Cathedral. Not because of its sublime beauty or anything like that, but because it looks as though it was designed by someone on strong drugs. Well, look at it. (You have to page down to "St Hugh's Choir Roof Vaulting" - couldn't get it to link directly.)

A Dog who permits a roof like that isn't likely to be too fazed by a few scrumped blackberries, IMHO.