Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite / Team America: World Police

We had George over to stay on Friday night, which was of course wonderful good fun. Amongst the evening's entertainment we had two films from the local video/DVD store: namely, Napoleon Dynamite and Team America: World Police.

Well, they are very different in tone and taste, and I can well understand why each would prove difficult for many people. Napoloeon Dynamite is rather languid and arch: it wears its identity as an indie film on its sleeve. Yet if you can get past that, it is at heart a very tender tale. For everyone who has ever been awkward, uncomfortable in their own skin, gauche, outside of the in-crowd, unwilling/unaware of what makes them outsiders - this is the movie for you. It has an uplifting edge in its narrative that should move you if you have an ounce of soul within you.

Team America is a VERY different kettle of pisces. It's in-ya-face and puerile; it's dumb and full of offence. And actually hilarious. Well, we couldn't help laughing even when we winced as well. And it's amazing what you can get away with by using dolls rather than actors...

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