Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Misty's Big Adventure on last night's Tom Robinson 6Music show

It's always nice to get the sense you came in on something as the crest rose, even if you cannot claim to have been in it at the start. So it was thrilling to hear a vocal and musical style that was familiar and unique: "that's Mistys!" we both said as we half heard the radio last night.

And so it was that Misty's were on Tom Robinson, singing live and exclusively a reworked version of "All Things Bright and Beautiful" with the line 'George Bush will kill them all', as well as tracks from both their albums.

It was especially nice to hear Grandmaster Gareth giggling everytime Tom Robinson was trying to get him to admit how the band were on the rise, as if GG couldn't quite believe that it could seriously be happening (I wanted to shout "it is! it is!")

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