Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Sure to not be the only one praising the Dylan-fest

... but have to add how much we enjoyed it (okay, so we had to tape part 1 and will watch that tonight but part 2 was fab).

The Scottish Patient adds his praise here and of course Norm puts in his remarks. I should tell Norm that Rob was at the '66 gig: but definitely NOT a booing person.


Just Jane said...

I've nicked some of Jonny Billericay's comments in case tehre is any one who blogs and doesn't read him.

"We watched the Bob Dylan television programme, 'No Direction Home', directed by Martin Scorsese.

I was quite interested. The LTLP (Long Term Live-in Partner) lay on the sofa, radiating 'this is shit' vibes. She is not an intellectual like me.

I don't know much about Martin Scorsese but he also did the video for 'Bad' by Michael Jackson so he clearly knows a lot about film making. It was pretty good but I think he could have broken it up a bit more by including clips of people like Paul Ross, Kate Thornton etc. talking about the songs, his funny hat and haircut etc."

And then his viewing gets interupted by a usually non-woofing dog next door woofing.I'm going to attempt a link, but we all know fine well it won't work..bare with me!

jonnyb is probably NOT accessible here

Kevin Williamson said...

Film buffs kinda assume everyone knows who Martin Scorsese is but thats not necessarily the case.

As well as the Michael Jackson and Bob Dylan also directed the film of The Band - The Last Waltz.

His three part Personal Journey Through American Cinema is another great labour of love that anyone interested in film should check out.

He directed quite a few good movies too... ;-)

Very interesting and creative guy in his own right.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

You know, there could be a touch of irony about JB's remarks...

Mind, I know what you mean about assumming. Sight and Sound often used to give away copies of Scorcese's Personal Journey through American Cinema. For some reason, I never got one with mine (boo!) but it is worth getting hold of. There is as you say Kev the small matter of his directing talents, but we'll leave that for another day!

Kevin Williamson said...

Re-reading JB's comments, I think the sound of a loudwhoosh can be heard just above me. Doh. :-)

Incidentally, I thought King of Comedy was an under-rated gem, and as good in its own way as Taxi Driver, Mean Streets and Goodfellas.

Just a thought.