Friday, September 16, 2005

Freshers incoming...

Soon new numbers of students will be wandering around the campus on varying states of confusion at the signage or the poor lighting we have.

Some it seems have already started their Freshers Week (see Dr. Rob's very entertaining remarks on the effect of teenage students going to university - both for the student and the family!)

They've already started wandering in packs around the city centre and the surrounding student areas. And Sainsburys have set up their v. basic shelves of "everything-a-student-needs" (pasta, toaster, cleaning products...). Mind, as one parent was remarking yesterday at one of our welcome events, for those being allocated into flat/shared house acccommodation within the university, there is likely to be a dinstinct problem of overlap regarding kitchen equipment. If everyone buys a toaster, a chopping board, serving spoons, toilet brushes... well, you get the picture.

BTW Dr. Rob's blog is subtitled "Home of Wibble": I like it already. (Found via the comments on JustJane).

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