Friday, September 23, 2005

Rob's blog treats

Eine Kleine Nichtmusik remains one of my favourite blogs and when I get chance to scan through Rob's output I always find stuff I can laugh at, marvel over, and ponder about. This week has been no exception so I offer you:
this review (makes me wish we'd been to the Nottingham gig)
this incitement to broaden musical experience (with a very strange comment from one Jorge Correa who either has poor eyesight or whose English is desperately misguided!)
these pertinent comments on arms and politics


JoeinVegas said...

Maybe Jorge will find you and start leaving some interesting droppings here. (hope I don't sound as strange as his do to me)

Rob said...

Bless you, Leesa. Coming from such a splendid blogatrix as yourself, praise indeed.

And yes, Jorge's comment was weird. I thought at first it was spam ("Hey! you've got a great blog!") then I realised it didn't have a link to an ad site. Maybe it's Dadaistic spam that doesn't try to sell anything, just appears in your comment box as an artistic statement?