Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Do I really fancy that? (and why the heck do you?)

Great post from PooterGeek circulating the web and found via Norm.

I'm not sure that there is anyone I fancy/find attractive that I'm not prepared to 'fess up to...

Okay, that probably lays me down as an open target for anyone who knows met to 'fess up for me with some grotesquely embarrassing example (NB anything I stated from before 1990 doesn't count). It's pretty much a list of usual suspects anyway for anyone who reads this blog regularly: a preponderance of Scots with good hair [note to self, should expand the links on Scottish actors on my sidebar], the charming long-fingered one sometimes called Darren Spooner...

On the 'mystfied' scale though, there are any number of examples I could give: pretty much anyone from a boy band (that means you Ronan Keating); Brad Pitt (sometimes a good actor but I just do not find him attractive); anyone with over-developed muscles; David Beckham; and perhaps the one I find most inexplicable, Jude Law. I just do not get Jude Law at all.


John said...

This is easy:

Wish I didn't: Ginger Spice

Can't figure it out: Posh Spice.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...


Okay, now 'fess up: is that Ginger Spice during the buxom Spice days or in one of her post-Spice ultra-dieted, count-the-ribs phases?

Agree about Posh though: who the heck thinks she is attractive?!

John said...

1: Buxom days. 2: Becks, once upon a time.

A second confession:

Wish I didn't: Dannii

Can't figure it out: Kylie.

There's definitely a trend developing here.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I recall Cloud once 'fessed a thing for Dannii M... I teased him for weeks!