Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Banking drives me to a breakdown!


Sorry, had to blog this as I am at wits end and I will not be able to concentrate for a few minutes at work.

I had to cancel a cheque. Long story, unnecessary for the purposes of this blog but it involved a cat, a band doing their own admin, and a very very lovely guy trying to send me some musical goodies. The band are great, wonderful cat-loving people: but right now my bank has just nearly driven me to insanity.

1) could not fathom how to cancel a cheque on the online banking (I use that most of the time now but this task eluded me)
2) try to get number to phone up
3) end up searching yellow pages
4) try call calling only to be told I need to enter selected digits from a passcode (today I did not have my notebook wherein my passcode is written in a disguised form)
5) hold on phone for 5 mins until voice-over finally stops telling me to enter the selected passcode digits
6) voiceover tells me I will be put through to an operator who will further ask for selected digits from my passcode and that I should not give out the full passcode number
7) by this stage wanting to bang phone against hard object, or my head
8) voice answers and asks for security information... names, dates of birth etc...
9) ... and then asks for a precise figure and date of a direct debit from my account...
10) can reel off which they are and rough dates but have to RE-LOG onto the online banking to get details: tried to explain I use online banking but girl would not say if cancelling a cheque was something I could not do on line or if I was just being stupid. If the latter I would have been happy just to be told what to do online to sort it out...
11) am advised a new passcode will be sent out - I DO NOT NEED A NEW PASSCODE! I have a passcode, just not mentally on me today (though I am now going mentally up the wall)
12) telephone girl says that if I follow the procedure when the new one is received I can get it changed to something I can easily remember
13) I begin to feel a loud scream roaring in my head that I just want to cancel a bloody cheque!
14) try to fight my screeching irrationality that says last time I tried to reset the passcode the phone system at the bank got more confused and would only allow me to confirm the one I had been given
15) when I had tried to get through to a person I had once again been given a NEW passcode...
16) "why do you need to cancel the cheque?" "Wel, we think a cat possibly ate it" (I was attempting to inject some humour... see despite being near screaming point I was still trying to be jovial
17) "so it was lost in the post?" (obviously cats eating cheques isn't on the list of options)
18) wearily accept this and finally the cheque is cancelled

I'd have been better off accepting the cat had ate it and not bothering with the bank...

Okay, can breathe again now without wanting to kick things.... back to sorting timetables for drop-in advice sessions for the new semester.

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