Monday, September 26, 2005

Blogging squeezed in: clearly I am a liar

After what I started saying, here I am blogging furiously!

Draic had this little gem of thinking on Friday that I wanted to ilnk to:
I have worked out the keys to happiness. Existence, Contentment, and Pleasure.For Existence, you must have food, warmth, oxygen, shelter, and avoid predators.For Contentment, you must be healthy (avoid sickness), and safe (avoid fear).For Pleasure, you must have stimulation of some sort. Please the senses by experience, please the mind by learning.
Of course, this may not be an origihal thought, but it's good to see it restated. And Draic goes on to discuss the issue of independence and interdependence which is also worth reading on for, because sometimes we need reminding of these things.

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