Monday, September 05, 2005

Loch Muick

In the shadow of Lochnagar (but no royals in sight).


Sonya said...

You are making good job!
Keep up the super articles!


Lisa Rullsenberg said...

I am definitely going over to the word verification set-up. Even logging in don't stop them.

BTW can someone confirm that FLAGGING is the best way to alert blogger to these beasts?

Rob said...

Loch Muick - one of my favourite places on the planet. Last time I was there was while you were blogsitting for me, and we walked round the Loch including a diversion partway up Broad Cairn (up the zigzags and down the Streak of Lightning).

One of these days we'll bump into each other in Ballater!

Just Jane said...

I was at Loch Muick knee deep in snow last year. And Aberdeen is where John lives...great city, it can't help who lives there!

Just Jane said...

As for the flagging, these pains in the bum don't usually have a blog site to flag. I odn' know wha the answer is.

Lisa Rullsenberg said...

Yep, Loch Muick, even in the rather overcast conditions we had, was a delight - mind, pretty much anything that gets me to be walking in such environs is good by me!

Perhaps next summer when we go up to see G in Aberdeen we can drop by and say hi to you Rob!? (and can I just say, when I listen to 6Music there seems to be a large number of Aberdeen-based emailers/texters to the shows. Any reason why they have took up DAB or internet radio listening in such numbers?)

And Jane, Aberdeen IS a lovely city: there are many such lovely places which nevertheless have shitebags who live there... in my case, they know who they are (but thankfully they may not know of this site's existence anyway...)